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  Hundreds of five star reviews!!!

Hundreds of five star reviews!!!




Few books have grabbed my attention as dramatically as this one, because it's ultimately doable for thousands of would-be food and farm healers. - Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms


Jean-Martin’s book is very well done and should be of great use to market growers everywhere. Exchange of ideas and information is so important because when we pass ideas on, the next person gets to start where we got to and take the ideas to another level. - Eliot Coleman, Organic Farming Pioneer and Author of The Winter Harvest Handbook


This book fulfills a significant demand for quality information about growing edibles sustainably for profit on a small community-based scale - Anne Marie Van Ness, American Horticultural Society


Fortier’s introductory book on market gardening is a fine, authoritative reference that is already an indispensable part of many growers’ libraries, and seems bound to become a classic. - Frank Kaminski,


Jean-Martin Fortier’s The Market Gardener is the book to have at your hand, on the table while you eat lunch, on your bedside table for the few minutes before sleep. This is a direct, clear, guide for day-to-day operations of your small farm. - Ruben Anderson,