More praise for The Market Gardener

This book fulfills a significant demand for quality information about growing edibles sustainably for profit on a small community-based scale - Anne Marie Van Ness, American Horticultural Society

Fortier’s introductory book on market gardening is a fine, authoritative reference that is already an indispensable part of many growers’ libraries, and seems bound to become a classic. - Frank Kaminski,

Jean-Martin Fortier’s The Market Gardener is the book to have at your hand, on the table while you eat lunch, on your bedside table for the few minutes before sleep. This is a direct, clear, guide for day-to-day operations of your small farm. - Ruben Anderson,

"This is a fantastic addition to any aspiring market gardener's library Jean-Martin has laid out all of the basics for how we can farm more profitability, productively, and passionately on a more human-sized scale." - Josh Volk, Slow Hand Farm, Portland, Oregon

"JM Fortier's 'The Market Gardener' is my go to encyclopedia for diversified small scale agriculture. I consider him one of the most accessible and knowledgable experts in the field and have implemented many ideas from his book into my own farm." - Jordan Collin, Aotearoa Market Garden, New Zealand

"Jean-Martin Fortier picks up right where Eliot Coleman has left us, applying many of his core principles, but doing it in such a brilliant way as to provide beginning farmers a solid framework of the information they need to start up and become successful small-scale organic growers themselves."- Adam Lemieux, Product Manager of Tools & Supplies, Johnny's Selected Seeds