Today’s small-scale organic vegetable producers face a real vacuum when it comes to acquiring training in the cutting edge techniques that are emerging in the field.  The Market Gardener’s Masterclass is an online course where, through precise written and video instruction, they can get the exact methodology, tools and techniques I use to grow crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency. The goal is to take their market gardening to the next level.
— JM Fortier

Step-by-step technical instruction

Our program will provide students with a step-by-step demonstration of the methodologies JM Fortier uses on his farm.  Through in-depth, high-quality video modules, downloadable technical sheets, monthly webinars and more, your will learn the cutting edge techniques and tools that allows JM to make six-figure per acre on his farm.  Here is a little preview of the kind of information you can look forward to: