In his new farming project, Ferme des Quatre-Temps, JM Fortier has set out to further demonstrate how diversified small-scale farms, using regenerative and economically efficient agricultural practices, can produce a higher nutritional quality of food and more profitable farms.

La Ferme des Quatre-Temps' model includes livestock raised according to holistic management principles and incorporates permaculture design into its operations.

The farm is a social enterprise initiated by a group of philanthropists and practitioners of organic farming, our ultimate purpose is to pave the way towards a more ecological and nourishing food system for Quebec.


Now entering its third year of production, the farm has firmly established itself as Quebec's leading proponent of the farm-to-table movement, providing high-quality products to some of Montreal's best restaurants as well as selling its vegetables, eggs, meat and prepared foods at farmers markets and to private members.

Beyond offering a new model for polyculture farming in Quebec, Ferme des Quatre-Temps is training a new cohort of young farmers with the intention of giving them the know-how, experience and resources to start their own innovative agricultural projects.

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