Harvest Equipment

Small tools can make a big difference during harvest - here are some of the tools that make our harvest days more efficient & enjoyable.

Two knives that we really like:


The Opinel knife is a high-quality knife from France. My favorite on is the #10 which is light and very pleasant to handle. I carry it in a nice leather sheath made by the Robinson company. Available for order online at lacompagnierobinson.com

Mini-machete-type field knife that we use to harvest broccoli, cauliflower and other crops that we cut by hacking.  These generic knives can be bought for cheap from Amazon

We sharpen our field knives daily. This job is a lot easier with an ultra-fast sharpener called the Speedy Sharp. Although this sharpener wears the knives down more, its speed and ease of use make it an indispensable tool. We also use it to sharpen the blade of our mesclun harvester. Speedy Sharp at Amazon.com 


The garden cart we use to transport our harvest bins from the gardens to our storage area is the Model 26 cart from Carts Vermont. The wheels of the cart align perfectly between the rows of our beds (4 feet from center to center). This tool is durable, ergonomic and indispensable. Sold everywhere by Amazon.com 

When choosing harvest containers,  you're buying a system and its a good idea to get the same kind from the start. This way your crates can all stack within one another for space efficiency. We've now opted for these sturdy life long containers and love them.  Sold at Dubois Agrinovation

A hand salve? Absolutely essential after long harvests. We’ve tried a lot of them before adopting this one many years ago. Happy to endorse it. Available online at www.3acres.ca