There are many different kinds of hoes and a dizzying array of names for similar tools.

The ones we use most are long-handled stirrup hoes that have a swiveling, double-sided cutting blade––thin and sharp––that travels beneath the soil surface to clip the weeds where they are most vulnerable––below ground. They have a long handle which allows you work with your back straight and come in three sizes: 3¼ inches, 5 inches and 7 inches.

  • Our favorite ones are made in Switzerland and sold by www.johnnyseeds.com.
  • We also use and really like the ones made by the french company Terrateck. Sold trough www.duboisag.com

We also rely on a 7″ blade Collinear hoe that was designed by Eliot Coleman and which we use for hoeing under salads and leafy vegetables. Also sold by Johnny’s Selected Seeds of Maine. www.johnnyseeds.com