Why not replace mass agriculture with agriculture by the masses?

The problems of modern agriculture are numerous, but the solutions, not so much. Local organic agriculture can (and will) transform society in positive ways, but the limiting factor is our numbers. Our world needs more small-scale farmers!

Feeding people locally is hard work, but it can be part of a fulfilling lifestyle with a deep sense of connection with the land and the community. I propose that we work together towards growing the pie, inviting more people to our tables, all while refining our craft by continuously finding and sharing more efficient ways of running human-scale farms.

My goal is to share the tools, techniques and inspiration for you to succeed as a market gardener, grow amazing produce for your family and community all while making a lucrative small business out of it. 

There's a lot of opportunity out there and with some enthusiasm and the right methodology, you can make this happen. I strongly believe there has never been a better time to get into farming.