"The right tools can make a big difference in becoming a successful market gardener.  At our farm we've experimented with different tools and techniques over the last decade to find what really works. Here are my personal recommendation for the best market gardening tools."  







Dig into the details on the broadfork - check out this article in Mother Earth News!

In my experience:

  • The one I prefer was designed and handcrafted to my liking and is sold by Dubois Agrinovation. It has 5, 12-inch tines shaped in 90° parabolic curves that greatly smothers the rowing motion. www.dubois.com
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds also offers several broadfork models that can accommodate different soil types. I’ve tried them all and would recommend any of them.www.johnnyseeds.com
  • Finally, for new ground that is not yet loose enough or really rocky, I would use the people's broadfork form Meadow Creature. It's an all metal broadfork made for heavy duty broadforking. www.meadowcreature.com