The Quick Cut Greens Harvester

The Quick Cut Harvester (QCH) is a must for any small or urban farmer looking to market a 100 lbs of salad mix per week or more.

It replaces cutting greens with field knives, doing the work 10 folds faster. On our farm, what used to take two people four hours, can now be done in forty-five minutes with one person…Needless to say, it’s a major helper in our (too) busy harvest day. We use the QCH for all of our baby greens such as; red russian kale, arugula, mustards, and baby lettuces. Keeping the blade extra sharp is a key for the effectiveness of the tool. I recommend buying at least one replacement blade with it, so that you can change it over mid season, then get the older one sharpened while it’s not being used. Sold by