This clever tool–conceptualized by Eliot Coleman- is a lightweight battery-powered tiller designed to work the top inch of your bed.

The cultivator makes it possible to mix in compost and refine the soil all while creating a perfect tilth for direct seeding or transplanting. Although it's not powerful enough to be used in our whole market garden, we rely on it in our greenhouses where a walking tractor doesn't maneuver easily. We recommend getting one or two18V batteries when purchasing your drill, as they run out of juice after 2 or 3-100' beds. Also,  keep in mind that this tool is not meant for working out rough soil, but rather for nicely finishing off seedbeds. Sold at www.johnnyseeds.com.

Amazon has DeWalt's new Flex Volt system whereby they now sell 20V batteries that have 3 times the power. I recommend using the Tilther with those. They can go on any 20V charger.