Wheel Hoe

Wheel hoes are a great tool for cultivating crops grown in just one row or to weed pathways.

They can also be used to mix in amendments and prepare seedbeds just like a walk-behind tractor would do (only it takes longer!)

  • Our preferred wheel hoe is the sturdy, high-quality wheel hoe made by Glaser in Switzerland. Ours is mounted with a 12’’ knife and can be found at www.johnnyseeds.com
  • We also use and recommend the less expensive, yet heavy duty wheel hoes from the American company Hoss.  Its the value out there.Hoss Single Wheel Hoe at www.hoostools.com
  • Finally, in the last few years, I've been trialling a new kind of wheel hoe developed by the French company Terrateck. This last offers the possibility of using in row disks for close cultivation. Find the Terrateck wheel hoe at: duboisag.com